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"... She’s not only invested in your health but also making you the best "


Personal Training

One-on-one training allows me to create an individualized plan in reference to your specific goals in person. 
  • Includes: – Personalized training plan
                   – Meal guide
                    -Access to client app where body  measurement stats, pictures, and workouts are housed         

*Pricing is based on the number of days of training.

Group Training

Personal training for 6-10 people. Group training presents the opportunity for you to experience the benefits of the creativity and motivation of a trainer in a group setting.  

  • Price: $200 per person a month
  • Includes: – Meal Guide
" ... Elise encouraged me through each obstacle that I faced as empowerment and confidence was the motive. I can say that I feel and LOOK better than I have before and will continue working with Elise to reach my goals!"
Jaylynn Wilson

Meet Your Trainer

Elise Hunter

I’m the owner of E-class Fitness LLC.  I’m a Fort Wayne, Indiana native and the mother of a smart, charismatic little girl, Karsyn. I’ve been involved in sports and fitness all my life. I attended Indiana University-Bloomington, majoring in Public Health with a minor in Gerontology and Family Studies. While in school I was a student-athlete, running track for 4 years.  

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I enjoy living a flexible, yet balanced lifestyle. I highly emphasize that it is important to enjoy your own Fitness Journey, and YES even the foods! Restrictions are not good, but when you find the right balance, then that’s when you know it’s a sustainable one.  

If you’re wanting to accomplish your goals and more book your free assessment now! 


Virtual Training

Of out state or not quite ready to be in a gym setting? Don’t worryVirtual training allows you to train with me from anywhere.

Price: $150 a month
Includes: – Personalized training plan
                  – Meal guide
                  – Biweekly coaching calls 
                  –  Guided Video Tutorials 

Glute Camp - Class

GLUTE CAMP🍑  is my 45-minute Glute Training class that focuses on building the perfect booty!

Time: Wednesdays from 7:15 pm to 8:00 pm
Location: 5134 East 65th St. 

Class is FREE and for all fitness levels.



What people say?

- Lashonica
- Shae Love
I’ve been training with Elise for 8 months and I’ve lost aprox 30 pounds and 9 inches off my waist. She is so passionate about helping people discover their best selves and it shows in the support and encouragement she gives her clients, all while pushing us out of our comfort zones. I’ve worked with other trainers and i don’t always feel like they are listening to me when I’m expressing concerns or asking questions but I’ve never felt that way with Elise, 8 months in and she still asks about my knees during workouts. So glad I found her!
- Jenniece Jones
Training with Elise has really been a blessing! Not only with my fitness journey, but in my personal life as well. When I started training with her, I was already working out on a regular basis by myself but hit a plato with my results. And oh my Im so glad I chose her! Many people think when picking a trainer, only your body will just change. Thats not the case with her. She mentally challenges and encourages you to push yourself. She reminds you of your “why” while helping you reset when things get tough or don’t go as planned due to falling off a little. She allows you to give yourself grace when you ate that snack that wasn’t apart of the meal plan because were all human. But most importantly, she reminds you that ultimately, the assignment is to feel comfortable in your own skin! I have truly reached that goal, and now I have new goals to reach with the best trainer supporting me!
- Jaylynn Wilson
I’ve always been active in my everyday life but struggled to meet my fitness goals, as I knew that my body needed something more…a push; motivation even. The first week working with Elise, I felt nothing but that. Pushed. Motivated. Just within the first month of training, I started noticing small changes in my appearance. Not only was I beginning to become happy with my results but also happy with the process. To engage with a trainer who sincerely takes time to work with you mentally and physically is uncommon. Elise encouraged me through each obstacle that I faced as empowerment and confidence was the motive. I can say that I feel and LOOK better than I have before and will continue working with Elise to reach my goals!
- Victorian Victor
Elise is the Bomb!! Let me tell y’all I was at my heaviest coming to Elise and fresh out of breakup that took all of my self confidence. I had tried diets and working out on my own which didn’t stick. Coming to Elise she pushed me to do things I never thought I could do in the gym! Most importantly held me accountable! She would be more excited than I was every time I lost weight weather big or small. She’s not only invested in your health but also making you the best version of yourself! Thank you Elise go believing in me when I didn’t, keeping me motivated, focused on my goals, and helping me gain my self confidence back!
- Monique Spencer
Thank you for your help and encouragement. When I started, I was in transition from a dark place in life where I was overworked and the heaviest I’d ever been. What drew me to Elise was her work ethic. Its apparent how serious and dedicated she was and I wanted her to pour that into me through her training program. It has paid off in a most positive way. As long as I show up, I know she is there for me. Elise is experienced and keeps the workouts fresh and exciting. A personal trainer should be motivating and inspiring, and that is exactly what I found in Elise. If you are dedicated to your own success, let Elise help you to your goals. ❤
it Starts With You!

Let Us Take Care Of You

Training with me is more than just working out. My goal is to help you be a better version of yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin! Training with me will help you to stay accountable, reframe fitness expectations, and develop healthier habits!

 If you’re wanting to accomplish your goals, book your free assessment now! 

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